“Do I Need a Cover Letter?”— The Answer Isn’t So Simple.

View your resume as your foot in the door. This is the document that will initially generate interest from employers. Your cover letter’s role is to then sell hiring managers on why you’re the perfect fit for their team and the specific role they need to fill. If you’re unsure about where to get started, […]

2023 Resume Tips to Help You Break Through This Tough Job Market

By now, we’ve all heard about the tough job market of 2022-2023. From rumors of corporations putting out fake job postings to companies requiring college degrees for minimum wage positions, it’s tough out there.  During my time as a professional resume writer, I’ve helped hundreds of people from various industries rewrite their resumes and develop […]

Five Popular Services to Sell as an Online Freelancer

Benefits of Freelancing Whether you’re looking into freelancing as a part-time supplemental gig or you are aspiring to turn it into a career, there are a variety of professional services you can sell online to earn some extra cash as an online freelancer. With the right gigs and level of motivation, you could even earn […]