Normally, I’m a gym-goer. I am motivated to move by putting on gym clothes, leaving the house, and working out alongside others. I enjoy listening to music that gets my blood flowing and seeing the same regulars at my gym who show up around the same time I show up. In the past, when I’ve decided to just workout at home, I have found myself watching TV or napping instead. 

But, I realize that we can’t always make it to the gym! Life sometimes gets in the way. Maybe you have to work late and the gym is closed when you finally have time. Perhaps a very contagious virus makes its way to your state, and gyms are amongst the first businesses to close for public safety. Who knows? Anything can happen! 

Whatever the roadblock is to keep us at home, it is always good to have a plan B for at-home workouts! Listed below is what I have been doing to keep myself moving while staying at home. 

Do you have a preferred key exercise that I left off of one of my lists? Is there something you would recommend I try out? I definitely need assistance in the Arm Workout category, so any suggestions are appreciated! Feel free to comment your thoughts below!

Core Workout 

I could make an entire core workout out of just planks! I included a few other exercises to make sure we were targeting all of the core muscles. If done right, planks are very effective in strengthening your abs, back, and even your arms. There are many variations in the types of planks you can do; I would recommend doing planks on your elbows.

My biggest advice on planking is to pull in your stomach (don’t hold your breath), and to keep your butt down. If you’re booty  is in the air, you 1. aren’t targeting the muscles you are meant to target and 2. look silly. 

Notice those little apple emojis next to my workout? Yep, that’s my way of checking off an exercise each time I fully complete one. It’s oddly motivating. Try it. 

Leg/Butt Workout

All of these leg/butt exercises can have weights added in for more resistance. If you don’t have free weights at home, you can always improvise and find something somewhat balanced to hold while you’re doing your lunges or your squats. You could use books, a sack of potatoes, a cat…whatever you have lying around.  I would also like to add that any of the exercises mentioned here can be Googled for more information on positions and modifications.

You’ll notice that I’ve added “full body stretch” at the bottom of each of my workouts. I think it is important to stretch after every workout, but I think it is especially important to stretch after a leg/butt workout. Stretching helps muscles heal faster and it may help in making you less sore the next day. It also helps your body’s flexibility and some think stretching may help your body release toxins! 


Cardio is tough for me inside the house! I’m used to my runs being on the treadmill. I also get bored with things like jumping jacks. So, I typically take it outside. If you guys have any suggestions for fun in-door cardio exercises, please comment them down below! 

If I choose to include my dog in my cardio, I make sure our walks are fast-paced. This works out better for my dog anyway, because it keeps him focused and gives him less time to think about barking at other dogs.

But, you don’t need a dog to get a good cardio workout outside! You could plug in and go for a long jog or a 1-2 mile run around your neighborhood. Really, whatever you do on the treadmill in the gym can be done outside. 

Arm Workouts

Okay, this is where I really need your guys’ help. I typically incorporate a short Arm Workout with my Core Workouts. Planks are beneficial for the arms. I also include pushes and tricep dips. I follow the same routine of doing twenty and then doing that three times.

What are some other easy-to-do-at-home arm workouts you would suggest? Do you use any of the same exercises I use? Or do you have any other key exercises that work better for you?

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  1. Damn! Look at you go! When I workout I enjoy kettlebell swings, bridges, pushups, and miotatic crunches. I always start and end with stretching. Any tips on how to get my cat to workout with me?

    1. I had to look up what miotatic crunches were. Fancy words. Do you use a ball with these?

      I need you to show me sometime the best posture for the kettlebell swings. I’ve tried, and I don’t think they feel effective (which is usually a sign I’m doing it wrong)!

      I’ll talk to Frankie and see if he can speak to Mort about working out with you more. 😉 It’s more distracting than helpful, though.

  2. Hey workout artist! Good routine you got goin’ there and creative! For arms, here are a couple of suggestions: If Frankie will let you use that 10 lb dumbbell, you can do concentration curls for biceps, it is an isolation exercise. Sitting down, put your right elbow against your right knee, your leg and knee are the support elements. Make sure the elbow is ‘pointed’ into the side of your knee. With the dumbbell in your hand, curl it to you or towards your chin, easy, don’t want to TKO yourself! I’d say do 10 reps, deliberate and slowly, then switch hands, same process. Another great one for biceps is the biceps push-up. This guy explains and shows you how:

    Another one for triceps, In push up position, make a diamond figure with your hands, index fingers and thumbs touching each other, and begin push ups with hands in that position. Keep us posted on how and if those movements work for you!

    Lets’ start sweating!


    1. Thanks guys! I need those suggestions. I’ll give it a try and I’m sure I can talk Frankie into letting me borrow the dumbbell. I’ve been intimidated by the diamond push-up but have to start somewhere!

  3. I haven’t been working out 😬 But maybe I’ll try some of these. I actually really like your little fruit emojis as motivators! Haha! Random, but I bet it’s super effective!

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