Do you like eating? Who doesn’t, right? What about trying new flavors? I have always enjoyed taste testing new foods. When I travel with friends to new places, one of my favorite things we do is trying local cuisine and comparing our thoughts on the way the food tastes. Before my boyfriend ordered Snack Crate, I didn’t even know about subscription snack boxes! Receiving this subscription every few weeks has become an experience we look forward to trying together. 

Each month, Snack Crate sends subscribers snacks from different countries around the world. They balance each box between savory and sweet snacks, and they even send a full informational and educational pamphlet on the snacks included in the box. I especially like how Snack Crate makes sure to include flavors not typically available in our area. 

The latest box we received was from Turkey. This crate was evenly stacked with savory and sweet snacks. The more savory snacks were cracker-style bites. And, although they were a little plain tasting, I found them to be quite addicting. The sweeter snacks included these juicy watermelon gummies (pictured) along with a variety of chocolate candy bars and cakes. 

All of the Snack Crates have proven to be fun to experience! But, our least favorite Snack Crate would probably be the Phillipine Snack Crate. This crate still had delicious snacks; it was just overloaded with chocolatey cake-style sweets. This made the flavors a little redundant. The crates are more fun when they are evenly divided between salty and savory.

The most different and, in my opinion, the most fun Snack Crate came from Ireland. In this crate, we received Cadbury-brand chocolates and a few savory snacks in “prawn” (shrimp) flavor. I was pleasantly surprised by these seafood themed snacks! They had a unique taste that I find myself craving every-so-often. 

If you are in the market for a snack subscription box, I would highly recommend Snack Crate. This could be a cute little at-home date idea or it could even be enjoyed by families with children. If you are interested in trying SnackCrate for yourself, you can order one at:

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