Six Tips for Freelance Logo Designers: From a Buyer’s Perspective

My Mission

A few weeks ago, I was on a mission to find a professional that could design an official logo for Ghostwriter.Ink. I had created my previous logo and, although it served its purpose for a time, I wanted something that was more of a representation of this site as well as the writing services I offer. In addition, I wanted to explore the graphic design sector of Fiverr. 

Logo Design is a very large niche on Fiverr, and I knew that with a little bit of research I could find the perfect person for the job. I’ve only experienced the platform as a seller, and it was very interesting and eye opening to finally experience Fiverr as a buyer

To locate the perfect freelance logo designer, I searched “logo design” in the search bar and sorted through the first few pages of creators. One of the first things I noticed was the wide variety of logo styles there were to choose from. Right away, I was drawn to logo styles that appeared handcrafted and water colored. 

It didn’t take long for me to pinpoint the right Logo Designer for my project. Strawberrique has an impressive portfolio for her Logo Design gig and, with 1,000+ positive reviews, I was excited to work with her! She was also quick to reply to any questions I had about her services. These qualities, and many more, impressed me throughout the whole process of her designing my new logo. 

Based on my new experience as a buyer, I have listed six essential tips for anyone wanting to become a Fiverr freelance logo designer. As it turns out, these tips and tricks for providing quality customer service also work for most other niches on Fiverr. 

Reply Quickly

…or risk losing a customer. Freelance service sites are booming with new sellers offering their talents. If you aren’t willing to reply quickly to your potential customers, you are risking them moving on to someone who will have time to answer their questions promptly.

As online freelancing has become more popular, it is now vital for sellers to respond quickly to buyer messages. Strawberrique was very quick to respond, which definitely kept me from messaging the other logo designers I had pulled up on my computer! 

Consider Client Ideas

It is likely that your client is going to come to you with some sort of idea or, at the very least, a preference for the piece they want you to design, create, or write for them. While it is important for the buyer to understand that you are the professional, and to treat you as such, it is just as important for you to come ready to listen to their ideas and preferences. When I came to Strawberrique for a website logo design I knew I wanted it to involve my writing, and I think she nailed it! 

Get to Know Their Aesthetic

How you get to know your buyer’s aesthetic will entirely depend upon the gig you are offering! For writing gigs, I like to ask my buyers about their preferred tone and what they want to accomplish with the piece I write for them. Strawberrique, before designing my logo, asked me to send her various images for inspiration.

I sent over various images including a pretty image of a wine glass, a couple of images of myself, a quill from my desk space that I enjoy, and even an old chair from my office. This is where she came up with the cute idea to make me into a character for the logo. Strawberrique incorporated many aspects of the images I sent her including the wine glass, lipstick color of the character, a quill, and even the old-fashioned pink chair!

Be Honest About Your Availability

Always be honest with your buyers about when you can reasonably deliver their order, and never deliver late. Buyers like to know they are hiring a freelance logo designer they can depend on. If you deliver late, you are at risk of losing them as a repeat customer. In addition, most freelance websites penalize sellers for delivering late and this can seriously hurt your rank in the site’s algorithm.

When I first messaged Strawberrique, she was quick to let me know that it would be a few days before she would even speak to me in depth about my order. She was that busy! It did cross my mind to check out other logo design profiles, but I appreciated her honesty. I checked in with her after a couple of days, and received my completed order within a week.

Provide Mockups or Sample Work

Five-star reviews and testimonials of your great work will convince most buyers that you can, in fact, deliver what your gig is promising. But, how does a freelancer earn business before they receive their first batch of glowing reviews and comments?

Most buyers want some type of proof that their hired freelance logo designer, or any other freelancer for that matter, are not scammers. One of the best ways to attract business is to send potential buyers your impressive portfolio. Spend some time preparing samples of your work to send out for when buyers request more proof. You’ll find that even the freelancers who have been selling for years have some sort of portfolio ready to go.

Strawberrique took it a step farther. In addition to allowing me to view her Fiverr portfolio, she created a sketched mockup to give me an idea of what my final product would look like. This built my trust in her services, and it also got me even more excited to see the final logo!

Be Open to Revision Requests

Despite your best efforts and attention to detail, you will have buyers that will request revisions once you have submitted your final work. This should be expected! Someone is hiring you for your creative expertise and, in the end, they may have visualized something different than what you produced.

I offer a variety of writing and editing services on Fiverr and, within reason, I allow buyers to submit one free revision request once they are able to read over the final product. If needed, they can request for me to make small tweaks so the final piece can be exactly what they envisioned. Check out my article about how to Make Money Writing and Becoming a Freelance Writer for more tips and tricks for online freelancing.

Strawberrique was quick and  gracious in accepting a revision request from me after she had submitted the final product! The original image was well done, but I needed a small alteration to be completely satisfied with the order.

I am overjoyed and thrilled by the final product! Allowing your buyers the room to submit at least one free revision request is one of the easiest small steps you can take towards earning their repeat business!



2 Responses

  1. Hey Mandy! I like your logo, just would like it to be a little larger on your page! It’s not an easy thing to do, taking someones vision and then creating it visually for them, I really like the graphic arts! I have a good friend in Monterey who is very talented and he has done work for me. He gets it in one take, i guess because we know each other, but I can tell him verbally, send over a couple of images, and in a few hours, I have it, good to print or post! As I look at all of your graphics you use on your blog posts, they are al very good, you have a good eye for the art!



    1. Thank you! I definitely think she did a good job. It took me a minute to figure out how to make my logo bigger on my page; how is it looking now? I would love to see some of the work your friend has done for you!

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